Event Programs​ Collection of the Mongui Maduro Library

The Mongui Maduro Library consists of an extensive collection which dates back to the 17th century. Our paper collection ranges from publications of major historical significance to common programs, invitation cards, menus and other day to day items.

In the DCDP we offer our digitized “Event Programs Collection” that concerns programs of historical, social, cultural events and celebrations that took place in Curaçao from 1876 to 1999. We are currently updating the programs from 2000 to 2018.

Mongui Maduro Foundation

The S.A.L. (Mongui) Maduro Foundation is a foundation in memory of Salomon (Mongui) Abraham Levy Maduro and was established on March 5, 1974. The foundation encompasses the plantation house “Rooi Catootje”, its antique furniture and its library, containing a unique collection of “Antilliana” and “Judaica”.

Click HERE to visit the Mongui Maduro Foundation site.

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